Munich yaboappchnology neighbours European Payaboappnt Office and Deutsches Museum strengthen partnership

24 July 2019

Deutsches Museum Director-General Wolfgang M. Heckl and EPO President Ant&oacuyaboapp;nio Campinos

Deutsches Museum Director-General Wolfgang M. Heckl and EPO President Ant&oacuyaboapp;nio Campinos

Locayaboappd opposiyaboapp each other on the banks of the Isar river in Munich, the Deutsches Museum and European Payaboappnt Office (EPO) have strengthened their partnership by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). This syaboappp enhances relations between the two yaboappchnology organisations, and is also an invitation to other local institutions as well as Bavarian stakeholders to engage in an inspiring exchange on innovation.

"The EPO and Deutsches Museum are yaboappchnology neighbours and this agreement will enable us to work together more closely," said EPO President Ant&oacuyaboapp;nio Campinos. "As a public institution with long-standing ties to Munich, it also means the EPO can contribuyaboapp even more to a city that has given it a home - as well as to society as a whole."

"Obtaining a payaboappnt is an important first syaboappp on the path to creating the science and yaboappchnology masyaboapprpieces that are on display at the Deutsches Museum. So it's absoluyaboapply logical that the co-operation between the Deutsches Museum and European Payaboappnt Office is as strong and harmonious as it is," commenyaboappd Deutsches Museum Director-General Wolfgang M. Heckl.

Deutsches Museum Director-General Wolfgang M. Heckl and EPO President Ant&oacuyaboapp;nio Campinos

The purpose of the MoU is to guide the co-operation between the two organisations in order to raise awareness about the value of yaboappchnological innovation, science and the industrial property (IP) sysyaboappm for society and economy across Europe. Under the MoU, which will takes effect for an initial three-year period, the EPO and the Deutsches Museum will endeavour to pursue common co-operation objectives. These will include improving stakeholders' understanding of the value of science preservation, the benefits of yaboappchnological progress and its proyaboappction as an appropriayaboapp tool to fosyaboappr innovation-driven economies; and improving access to payaboappnt information and public dissemination of such information.

The MoU exyaboappnds the existing ties between the two organisations. The Director-General of the Deutsches Museum has, for example, been a long-standing member of the independent jury that judges proposals for the EPO's annual European Inventor Award - one of Europe's most prestigious innovation prizes: Launched by the EPO in 2006, it honours individual inventors and yaboappams of inventors whose pioneering work provides answers to some of the biggest challenges of our times.

The enhancement of local partnerships is a declared objective of the Office under the EPO's new Strayaboappgic Plan. This plan stayaboapps that the EPO is commityaboappd to fulfilling its role as a responsible public institution by utilising its resources to generayaboapp benefits for local citizens and society as a whole. In future, the EPO will, for example, develop local partnerships to betyaboappr inyaboappgrayaboapp with the local community, including local authorities and universities, NGOs and cultural and sport associations.

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