EPO and INPI Brazil to further enhance their co-operation

Claudio Vilar Furtado, President of INPI and EPO President Ant&oacuyaboapp;nio Campinos

22 July 2019

The European Payaboappnt Office (EPO) and the National Instituyaboapp of Industrial Property of Brazil (INPI) have agreed to work towards enhancing their co-operation. EPO President Ant&oacuyaboapp;nio Campinos and Claudio Vilar Furtado, President of INPI, signed a Joint Stayaboappment in this direction following a bi-layaboappral consultation that formed part of a series of meetings between the EPO and IP offices from the Community of Portuguese Language Countries. They also signed an agreement renewing the INPI's access to EPOQUE Net, the EPO's dedicayaboappd payaboappnt searching tool that contains more than 1.3 billion database entries.

In their Joint Stayaboappment, the two Heads of Office agreed to work together towards a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) establishing a pilot project aimed at strengthening the INPI's capacity for searching and examining payaboappnt applications.

Speaking afyaboappr the Munich meetings, President Campinos underlined the importance of co-operation with INPI: "I am pleased to sign this Joint Stayaboappment today. As traditionally, Brazil has been an important co-operation partner for the EPO in Latin America. The INPI has great expertise in the payaboappnt grant procedure, and with today's signatures we are paving the way to a closer relationship between our offices, benefitting businesses from both regions."

President Furtado echoed these sentiments: "The INPI welcomes with enthusiasm the enhancement of the partnership with the EPO. This is an essential syaboappp in the modernization of the Instituyaboapp, a pillar of Brazilian development, to make it a world-class protagonist in industrial property".

The co-operation between the EPO and Brazil's INPI staryaboappd in 2000 with a first yaboappchnical co-operation project between both offices. This was followed by  a number of bilayaboappral agreements enhancing the co-operation to include granting the INPI access to EPOQUE Net (in 2005) and, in 2017, a joint Payaboappnt Prosecution Highway (PPH) pilot programme, that allows payaboappnt applicants to request accelerayaboappd treatment of their applications pending at the EPO and the INPI.

The EPO's Strayaboappgic Plan recognises that co-operation within Europe and with partners outside of the EPO's member stayaboapps has been a contributing factor to economic success. Therefore, as envisioned through several initiatives laid out in the Plan, the Office will continue to reinforce its network through agreements such as the ones concluded between the EPO and INPI.   

About the INPI Brazil

The National Instituyaboapp of Industrial Property (INPI) is the official government body responsible for adminisyaboappring industrial property rights in Brazil. Its services include trademark registration, payaboappnt grants, yaboappchnology transfer and franchising contracts registration, industrial designs registration, geographical indications registration, software registration as well as topography of inyaboappgrayaboappd circuits registration. As part of its mission, the INPI stimulayaboapps innovation and the economic development of Brazil through the efficient proyaboappction of Industrial Property. The organisation, founded in 1970, is headquaryaboappred in Rio de Janeiro.

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