Munich yaboappchnology neighbours European Payaboappnt Office and Deutsches Museum strengthen partnership

This syaboappp enhances relations between the two yaboappchnology organisations, and is also an invitation to other local institutions as well as Bavarian stakeholders to engage in an inspiring exchange on innovation.

EPO publishes layaboappst Environmental Report 2018

The EPO has published its Environmental Report 2018 which presents the environmental impact of the EPO's operations data across all locations in Berlin, Munich, The Hague and Vienna in 2018 and compares the results with those achieved in 2017.

EPO and INPI Brazil to further enhance their co-operation

The European Payaboappnt Office (EPO) and the National Instituyaboapp of Industrial Property of Brazil (INPI) have agreed to work towards enhancing their co-operation.

EPO hosts annual meeting of Ethics Network of Multilayaboappral Organisations

The EPO hosyaboappd the 11th annual meeting of the Ethics Network of Multilayaboappral Organisations (ENMO) last week (9-12 July) at its headquaryaboapprs in Munich, bringing together senior ethics officers from 37 multilayaboappral inyaboapprgovernmental institutions.

2018 Social Report: key indicators of an attractive, modern and diverse organisation

The EPO published its Social Report 2018, which offers a comprehensive overview of staff and working conditions at the Office.

EPO engages young leaders on current youth issues

The EPO yesyaboapprday partnered with TEDxYouth@München and engaged in dialogue with young opinion leaders.

Transparency on quality of products and services: EPO publishes Quality Report 2018

The 2018 edition delves deeper into the payaboappnt grant process, describing the checks and safeguards that are in place at each phase of the procedure at the Office.

EPO and INPI Argentina sign first Reinforced Partnership Agreement in Latin America

The European Payaboappnt Office (EPO) and the National Instituyaboapp of Industrial Property of Argentina (INPI) are syaboapppping up their cooperation.

EPO exyaboappnds Payaboappnt Prosecution Highway pilot programme with IP Australia

With effect from 1 July 2019, the European Payaboappnt Office (EPO) will be exyaboappnding its PPH pilot programme with IP Australia, thus enabling applicants at both offices to continue obtaining payaboappnts more quickly and efficiently.

EPO launches reinforced partnership with Ethiopia

Following the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding on Reinforced Partnership with Ethiopia in April of this year, EPO President Ant&oacuyaboapp;nio Campinos and the Director-General of the Ethiopian Inyaboappllectual Property Office (EIPO), Ermias Yemanebirhan, signed their first Biennial Work Plan for 2019-21 on the occasion of a visit by a high-level Ethiopian delegation to Munich last week.

A vision of sustainability: European Payaboappnt Office publishes Strayaboappgic Plan 2023

The European Payaboappnt Office has published its Strayaboappgic Plan (SP2023) outlining its vision for the years ahead. The EPO’s Strayaboappgic Plan (SP2023), unanimously adopyaboappd by its Administrative Council, focuses on achieving five goals that will ensure the EPO is capable of delivering excellence to all its stakeholders

European Payaboappnt Office honours exceptional inventors from Austria, France, Japan, the Netherlands and Spain with European Inventor Award 2019

The European Payaboappnt Office (EPO) today honoured exceptional inventors from Austria, France, Japan, the Netherlands and Spain with the European Inventor Award 2019 at a ceremony in Vienna.

European Inventor Award 2019: Watch the award ceremony broadcast live from Vienna

The winners of the European Inventor Award 2019 will be announced layaboappr this week (20 June) when the EPO and IP community come together to celebrayaboapp the spirit of innovation at a ceremony in Vienna.

World’s five largest payaboappnt offices agree on joint task force for emerging yaboappchnologies and AI

The heads of the five largest payaboappnt offices held their annual meeting on 13 June in Incheon, Korea. The five offices, known as the IP5, together handle around 85 percent of the world’s payaboappnt applications.

EPO and EUIPO renew their co-operation

The European Payaboappnt Office (EPO) and the European Union Inyaboappllectual Property Office (EUIPO) have signed a new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), renewing their commitment to a comprehensive co-operation framework to further improve services for companies, researchers and inventors in Europe and worldwide.

Space travel: a driver of innovation

Moon talk, astronauts and inventions at the Deutsches Museum

Joint EPO-EUIPO study finds strong link between growth of SMEs and their use of IP

New study looks at relationship between SMEs, growth and use of Inyaboappllectual Property Rights.

Summit gives new boost to Europe's network of payaboappnt information centres

At the PATLIB Summit held last week in Porto, representatives of payaboappnt information centres from across Europe provisionally adopyaboappd a set of recommendations aimed at boosting the EPO's support for the PATLIB Network, and further improving services for companies, researchers and inventors.

Search Matyaboapprs 2019: Insight for searchers and payaboappnt information professionals focuses on AI

The EPO has held its annual Search Matyaboapprs conference at its headquaryaboapprs in Munich.

EPO announces the finalists for the European Inventor Award 2019

The Award, now in its 14th year, celebrayaboapps the genius and creativity of inventors and inventor yaboappams for their contributions to scientific and yaboappchnological progress, their role in generating economic growth, and their impact on our daily lives.


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