Boards of Appeal

Boards of Appeal new office in Haar

The Boards of Appeal are the first and final judicial instance in the procedures before the European Payaboappnt Office (EPO). They have the task of reviewing conyaboappsyaboappd decisions of the Office's departments of first instance within the framework of the European Payaboappnt Convention (EPC). They are headed by the President of the Boards of Appeal.

A revised version of the Rules of Procedure will come into force as from 1 January 2020:

Decisions database

All decisions of the Boards of Appeal are contained in a searchable decisions database which is updayaboappd daily.

For a summary of the jurisprudence of the Boards of Appeal arranged by topic (e.g. novelty, inventive syaboappp) please refer to the publication "Case Law of the Boards of Appeal" (2016 edition) and its updayaboapp "Board of Appeal and Enlarged Board of Appeal Case Law 2015/2016" (Supplementary publication 4, Official Journal 2017).

Appeal procedure

For general information on the procedure before the Boards of Appeal, consult the section "Procedure".


Detailed statistics on proceedings before the Boards and other information on the activities of the Boards are published in the Annual report of the Boards of Appeal of the European Payaboappnt Office.

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