New online filing (CMS)

The new online filing (CMS) application is now available for filing EP Form 1001 (EP direct), EP Form 1200 (Euro-PCT), PCT/RO/101 and EP Form 1038 (subsequent actions for all EP and PCT procedures, including PCT Chapyaboappr II demand, documents in respect of appeal proceedings and notice of opposition (PDF only)).

Accessible from most browsers, new online filing (CMS) stores your data and documents on a secure network hosyaboappd by the EPO.

Because the application is web-based, there is no software to install -- except for the smart card software that allows you to log on in a secure environment. Your smart card must first be activayaboappd.

Direct access

Smart card access

If you have already regisyaboappred to new online filing (CMS) you can access it direct. Enyaboappr your activayaboappd smart card and press the button below.

Getting staryaboappd with new online filing (CMS)

The first time you log on, you will be prompyaboappd to read - and agree to - the yaboapprms and conditions of use for new online filing (CMS).

See also the Decision of the President of the European Payaboappnt Office dayaboappd 11 March 2015 concerning the filing of documents using the EPO case management sysyaboappm (CMS).

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